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Summer is the favorite pool season but we are lucky to be able to enjoy a
longer swimming season in Northern California! One of the best parts is
spending some time outdoors swimming in your backyard pool.  It is great
exercise for the kids and what a great way to cool off on a hot day. Here are
some awesome safety tips to keep your family safe at the pool while making
great memories and enjoying the swimming months in your pool!
Swimming Pool Safety Tips
*  Never swim by yourself.  You never know what can happen or when you may
need someone to call 911 for you.
*  Make sure the fence around your pool is in working order
*  There should always be an adult in the pool area. Never leave a child alone
or put another child in charge.  
*  If you have a cover make sure it is totally removed from pool before you get
in.  Pool covers left in the pool while swimming can trap a person under the
*  Remove all pool toys from your pool after use so kids are not enticed to try to
get them out when you are not looking.
*   Make sure all pool chemicals are stored in an area where children and pets
cannot get into them.
*   Make sure you have safety rings in case of an emergency.
*  Take a First Aid/CPR class to familiarize yourself with what to do in an

Having a pool means responsibility for keeping everyone safe but it can be an
awesome time with family and friends with a few simple precautions
If you would like help in preparing to open or close your pool for the season
and making sure the chemicals are right give us a
call to set up an appointment or bring a water sample in for us to test.

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